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Six Traits of Professional Translations Services in Dubai

The translation is a service that will remain relevant as long as global brands are expanding into geographically and culturally diverse markets. International brands require professional translation services in Dubai to communicate their marketing and advertising materials effectively to a specific region or country.

In this context, the service is Arabic document translation into other languages, such as European languages. Whether you are looking for professional translators or an Arabic translation company, they should have specific skills or qualities. 

In other words, these are the things individual and corporate clients should consider before selecting one of the numerous translation services for Arabic translation. 

While many language translation services can execute generic translation, the translation quality and the efficiency of communicating the source message in the target language will make the difference. 

It requires learning and hands-on experience to gain considerable expertise in the essential skills that will ensure high-quality Arabic translation. So, what skills must Arabic translators have for top-notch quality Arabic translation?

1.    In-Depth Knowledge of the Language Pairs

Being capable of speaking the target language isn’t enough. The translation isn’t that simple. A great deal of technical expertise is required to execute this service effectively. The certified translation company should have in-depth knowledge of the source and target language. 

A lot of clients erroneously think that bilinguals generally offer good translation services. However, very few bilinguals are great at providing legal translation services in Dubai. The professional translation agency should have expertise in textual, pragmatic, socio-linguistic, and lexical-grammatical. 

These language skills are necessary to grasp the wider context of the source language. This will result in accurate translation of the words, expressions, and even nuances from Arabic to the target language.

2. Writing Skills for Arabic legal translation services

Translation services in Dubai

For high-quality translation, the translator must be a skilled writer. After all, you’ll be creating translated documents. Just like with other skills, one can learn writing. The translation agency you’re hiring must be able to write well in Arabic and the target language as well. 

Many clients make the mistake of going for translation services in Dubai that are well-versed in the source language but not the target language. Translation services who want to improve their writing ought to regularly read and write in the target language to gain mastery of it. 

3. Research Skills for Arabic Translation

One skill leading translation companies have over other translation services is an excellent research ability. Research is essential because good Arabic translation should get the words, terminology, local expressions, and other valuable resources online. 

With these resources, Arabic translators will be spot-on with the right terms, spellings, and so on. 

For instance, legal translation services in Dubai know that when they’re translating the official name of an organization, they must adopt the official spelling of the organization’s name. A good example is the Dubai International Financial Centre. The translators need to use “centre” in British English instead of “center” in American English. 

Good research helps Arabic translators know that countries such as the UAE use ‘Cabinet’ on their official website while Qatar uses ‘Council of Ministers’. In summary, research skills ensure the translation company is delivering accurate translation. 

4. Computer Skills for Legal translation Dubai

Translation Services in Dubai

Competent translation services ought to be good with a computer system. By this, we mean being able to use applications and programs that are utilized in the translation of content and being able to type well. Things that require legal translation usually involve content such as court judgments, court documents, legal documents, website content, certificates, etc. 

Also, good Arabic translator services ought to be familiar with the use of computer-assisted translation software. This is one of the legal translation skills usually clients in Arabic nations require. 

Aside from being well-versed in computer programs, translation services in Dubai should also be familiar with the latest computer programs to stay up to date and provide high-quality Arabic translation services. 

5. Time Management Skills

Regardless of the nature of the translation service, whether it’s business translation, website translation, or certificate translation, a professional translation company should be able to meet client deadlines. Legal translation Dubai is a time-sensitive service, so one should consider time as a significant factor. 

6. Attention to Detail for Arabic Document Translation

A good translator should be sensitive to detail because a translation project will require much of that. Meeting deadlines don’t matter if the quality of the job is below par. 

In technical projects such as legal translation, the translation services ought to be very attentive to the legal jargon used. A great deal of caution is necessary as well to prevent mistranslating specific phrases and terms. 

In legal translation, a few mistranslations are all it takes to ruin the entire project. Finally, an excellent Arabic translator should be skilled in revising and proofreading translated files so they can notice errors before project delivery to clients.


Another thing that one should consider is the portfolio and educational qualification of the Arabic translator you’re hiring. To offer excellent translation services, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a native Arab. Extensive knowledge of language pairs and their cultures are the key things.

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