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Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Legal Translation Services

Translating legal documents must be done by professionals in the legal translation industry. This is to ensure the accurate presentation of information in your document. You don’t want to hand over your document to someone who doesn’t understand the legal translation process or the terms in the main document.

Another reason to hire professional legal translators is that they will provide accurate translation once without requiring revisions. Also, you won’t have to pay for a rework because language experts will handle all your translation services, presenting the terminologies accurately in the documents translated. This article covers everything about high-quality translation services in Dubai, reasons to use professional legal translation services in Dubai, and what certified legal translators offer.

Legal documents require sworn translators in law who understand the terminologies. Also, the translator must be able to convert legal terminologies into different languages while maintaining the original meaning of the terms. To get the job done, the legal translator must understand different legal systems and pay attention to diverse cultures. Also, legal translators must possess advanced language skills to translate the target language accurately.

For instance, an emirate like Dubai has many residents from different countries. Many of these residents must translate their business documents into the native language for legal matters. So, any professional translation service handling such documents must translate the words accurately to bridge the language barriers. This is especially crucial in document legal translation to avoid misrepresentation of information. 

What is legal translation in UAE?

Legal translation service in Dubai changes legal documents from their original language to their native language. The legal translator offering the best translation service must preserve the original meaning of the document to ensure it remains acceptable in legal settings. To provide accurate legal translation services in Dubai, professional legal translators must understand the prevailing laws in the UAE and the legal implication of the document they’re translating.

In Dubai, many translation services exist, including certified legal translation, document legal translation, Arabic legal translation services, online translation services in Dubai, business translations services in Dubai, etc. All these services are handled by experienced legal translators for the best results.

Why would there be a need for certified legal translation in Dubai?

Legal Translation Services

Dubai is an emirate rich in business opportunities and impressive quality of life. Many people from different countries move to the UAE to harness these opportunities. For instance, you can find people from Africa, Asia, and Europe in Dubai. But then these people don’t speak the Arabic language. So to work and engage in legal matters, all their legal documents must be translated into Arabic. The people they’ll meet in offices are mostly Arabs and may not understand different languages.

But to translate the legal documents accurately, there’s a need for translation services in Dubai. These certified legal translations are handled by translators who provide documents and legal translation services in Arabic and other languages. This vast knowledge enables them to provide quality translation services to maintain legal terminologies in Arabic. Also, the professional translation services must be handled by experienced legal translators to ensure the documents are admissible in legal settings.

Difference between certified and notarized legal translation Dubai

Certified translation services in Dubai is a vast process that involves many professionals to ensure the accuracy of a translated document. The certified material must also undergo a side-by-side comparison by a professional linguist to ensure the accuracy of every aspect. Certified translation is often done by a sworn translator who will handle the translation and sign and seal it. The sworn translator is a foreign language graduate who has sworn an oath before a notary.

Notarized translation, on the other hand, is a translation service that a public notary must authenticate after the legal document has been translated accurately into the Arabic language. But to get the notary certification, the translated document must be stamped by the sworn translator that handled it. He or she must also possess the notary certificate for his stamp or signature to be valid.

Advantages of certified legal translation services in Dubai

Moving to Dubai with documents in your native language requires certified translation to ensure they can be admissible in legal settings. This type of translations services takes a meticulous approach to maintaining the originality of the main document even when translated into Arabic.

Certified translations are often handled by sworn Arabic legal translators who understand the language, culture, and requirements of the legal bodies. So, hire a certified translation company with many certified translators to work on your documents. That’s the only way to ensure the accuracy of the translated documents.

Why do people prefer human legal translation in Dubai?

There are critical reasons people prefer humans for Dubai legal translation. Some of them include:

  • Words in languages change from time to time requiring updates in meaning. It takes humans to identify these changes to maintain relevant meanings on official documents
  • Humans understand the cultural implications of translating some words in a certain way or leaving them as they are to be appropriate in legal translation. Machines don’t understand the culture and will not translate a word or phrase appropriately always
  • It takes a certified professional translator to identify original document errors and correct them in the legal translation process. A machine might assume everything is correct, thereby making the same mistakes.
  • Human translators understand what the recipients of the legal translation, in this case, legal documents expect regarding terminologies and phrases. As such, they will translate the documents to meet such standards.

How much does it cost to translate legal documents?

Many factors affect the price of Dubai legal translation. Some of these factors include the payment terms (per word or piece) and the translators involved, agency, or individual/freelance translators. Also, the location of the translators matters too. What an online firm will charge differs from what an onsite translator will charge for the documents. Another thing to consider is the language of the main document being translated into another language.

But generally, legal translation services will cost more than regular services. Legal document translation requires more attention to detail and advanced language skill, plus knowledge of the field. This means that the translator will spend more time on such documents. Also, note that certified translation service. Moreover, if you’re hiring the best legal translation services or a sworn translator, expect to pay more because they’re in high demand.

Bottom Line

It is better to use a reliable Dubai legal translation company whenever the need arises to avoid double-spending. Legal documents must be translated to maintain accuracy and acceptability in legal matters. Even though the machine can translate some documents, use the best legal translation Dubai to ensure correctness. As for the cost of these translation services, you can hire the best from Shoreline Translation at competitive prices.

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