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Best practices for building a multilingual social media presence

8 Best Practices For Building A Multilingual Social Media Presence

There are over 4.62 billion active social media users currently. This shows the importance of a solid social media presence for every success-oriented business. Other than being a proven market strategy, it fosters trust and builds healthy business relationships, thus breaking through the barriers of language differences.

For instance, multiple research suggests that people in Dubai are more likely to trust your business and employ your services if your social media posts are written in Arabic and epitomize their culture. So if you’re operating a business in Dubai, it is essential to leverage this social media aspect to maximize your business’s success. Hence, the need for translation services in Dubai. Discussed below are helpful practices for building a Multilingual Social Media Presence.

Build A Multilingual Social Media Presence

1. Be acquainted with your audience.

As a social media professional, you must always know your target audience. That includes knowing what language your audience speaks.

Most social media platforms provide analytics dashboards with audience language statistics. Acquaint yourself with this stat and create content accordingly. 

Suppose you’re a Dubai company involved in language translation services and have a disproportionately low number of French-speaking customers and followers. It is an indication that you are inadequately reaching the French market.

2. Hire the services of professional translators from Dubai translation services.

One of the most important things to look out for is translation errors. Blunders can be very detrimental to your social media profile. Poor translations can also portend a lack of respect and insensitivity towards your audience. Hence, it’s vital to employ language experts, interpretation services, and certified translation services, some of which provide voice-over services. Top translation services in Dubai will go a long way in giving your brand a credibility boost among diverse users and followers. Several translation services can deliver quality services with affordable pricing. It’s always important to get good translation services to perform this task to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Get a translation company to help localize your content.

Translations are expected to be uniquely adapted to match the context and content of your target audience. Being literal can make your followers feel less important. Content should be streamlined to account for cultural nuances and differences.

Language interpretation is a sensitive aspect of building a multilingual social media space. The best translations aim to convey the brand’s message or essence. This is considered an essential practice in building a solid multilingual social media presence.

A translation agency will help in getting this done. Your target audience will largely influence the translation services you employ. Additionally, Dubai translation services would be more suited to meet the needs of customers in that region. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize hiring translation services in Dubai if your audience is there.

4. Make use of available social tools.

Some social media websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin have a set of inbuilt applications that can help you create multilingual social media content. For instance, Facebook has language stats where you can access the percentage of languages spoken by its users, as well as language tools to advertise in different languages with Facebook’s unique ads and targeting tools. In addition, requiring the expertise of one of the leading translation agencies in Dubai for a high-quality translation can help you optimize your social media presence for improved performance and outreach.

5. Include translations in Your post.

Some social media platforms have built-in multilingual features that translate content to users’ target language. Whatever content you post, whether video, audio, podcasts, or blog post, ensure you have these features enabled. This will help your audience relate to your content in their lingua franca, primarily if you target the international market where other languages apart from English are inevitable.

While this feature may be helpful a little, its effectiveness cannot be compared to human translation, especially in video and audio translation. The content’s essence must be top-quality across all available languages. A certified translation company with an experienced team should handle this aspect of your business. They are poised to offer quality translation services.

You would need to hire leading Arabic translation services if they are an important part of your target audience, the same apply for other foreign languages. There are a good number of Dubai translation services that you can check out online.

6. Be mindful of time zones.

There are suitable periods to make posts for different audiences across all time zones. You should consider the time zones of your target audience to reach as many people as possible. For instance, if you are making a post for people in the United Arab Emirates, you must ensure it’s at the best time when your target audiences are active. Moreover, you can get translation services in Dubai for better professional handling. A professional translation company would take cognizance of this important factor.

7. Prioritize visual content

Visual content is a key tool in building strong social content. People are easily drawn to visual content. It’s considered a universal language that appeals to every audience. This includes pictures or short videos that may be captioned using different languages.

Be mindful of cultural customs and social etiquette when using some images, as some images may be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate in some cultures.

8. Work with multiple accounts.

Sometimes, having more than one account to work with can be helpful. It introduces organizations to your social media space, especially with a large audience. Besides, this would allow you to provide specific content for people with different languages, reaching out to as many people as possible.

Suppose your target audience is centered around Abu Dhabi and the middle east regions. In that case, it’s advisable to hire translation services in Dubai to manage accounts for audience that fall within this region. Professional translation services from a leading translation company would be very helpful to properly manage these accounts.


From educational institutions, content writing services providers, and interpreter services to translation agencies in Dubai, building a solid multilingual social media presence is vital. You can develop a business model, engage your followers, and poise your brand for maximum success. Thus, language barriers should never impede limiting this. Hence, it is essential to get the best translation company and certified translation agencies to provide multilingual social media translation services. You can hire a leading translation agency with affordable pricing.

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